What Kills Mold On Drywall Decoration?

Good day people! For classic home decoration or for you who want to make your house become more beautiful with certain stuff, there are so many accessories made of various materials that you can pick to beautify your beloved house. One of them is the drywall. Drywall or most of us know as gypsum or sheetrock is the material made of calcium sulfate dehydrates with or without additives. This kind of material is normally pressed between a face and a baker as well. Usually, drywall or gypsum is also used for the decoration of the wall or crown molding which is pressed and used for the creation of the decoration to beautify your lovely house.

Many of the people from many families in this world use drywall for beautifying the interior of their own house. The drywall would give such an elegant touch towards the wall and also the ceiling in our house. But the seasons do change. It means that the weather and the temperature of the environment are changing as well. Because of those causes, there is one thing that all of the people hate about having drywall in their house.

That is mold. Mold is such fungus which is dirty and not healthy to appear in the environment of our house. Under that problem, all of the people who have drywall in their house should know what kills mold on drywall in order to keep the maintenance of the things on inside your house.How can we kill the mold? What is actually the harms coming from the mold until we have to know what kill it? Keep reading good reader.

What Kills Mold On Drywall Decoration

How Can We Kill Mold On Drywall?

Basically, you need to follow these ways to kill mold on your drywall decoration. Before doing that, you have to know whether your drywall is coated or unpainted drywall. It is because those have different ways in killing mold on there. If t is painted or coated then you have to keep the room with the drywall inside, be well ventilated.

Do not be too much but do not be less than usual as well. If the room is well ventilated then the spores, bacteria or such mold would not be appeared due to the stability of the air because of the ventilation. Next one that you can apply as the remedy for your drywall regarding with the mold’s problem is using baking soda, borax, and even vinegar.

Firstly is using baking soda to kill mold. Baking soda is well known as natural and safe household cleaner. How? Add one-quarter of the tablespoon of baking soda to a spray bottle, add the water generously. Shake the bottle to dissolve the baking soda with the water. Spray the liquid on the molding area of your drywall and scrub the mold using the sponge or the cloth, anything you have to scrub the mold. After scrubbing, spray again with the water and let it dry.

After that, spray the drywall again with the baking soda liquid so the rest of the mold would not left and grow back. Secondly, is using the beach. Prepare a mixture of 0.5 cup bleach to 1-quart water, take a scrub brush and lightly brush the drywall until all the mold scrubbed or disappear. Do not rinse the surface with water, because it might make the surface become more humid and the rest of the mold would grow back. Just leave the bleach there and it would absorb inside of the drywall because maybe the mold is still there.

Last but not least if you do not have such things to be used for killing mold, then you can just use the detergent cleaner and water. However, detergent and water would only kill the mold with the types of non-porous ones. What you should do with detergent and water is simple on how you just need to make the detergent liquid with warm water.

Prepare the warm water and mix it with detergent. It could be the floor cleaner detergent or detergent that is made especially for cleaning mold in your house. Well, those are what kills mold on drywall under several ways explained previously. You need to keep your drywall well-maintenance in order to prevent the mold from appearing in the future.