Water Damage Black Mold Solution: Steps on How To Remove It

There is another worry to think of when a water damage happens. Not only it takes hours for mopping and drying it, but there is also another consequence of dealing with. In water damage black mold can surface and further damaging the area. The black mold can surface because the drying of the water leak is not properly done.

Black mold is the type of mold with latin name Stachybotrys chart drum. This is not just the ordinary kind of mold but this mold is also hazardous for humans since it produces toxic that can endanger health. If it happens in your house, don gets panicked. Here are some steps to get rid of the black mold in your house.

1. Properly Dry All Parts of The House

Black mold grows in the damp area. It has greater chance to grow after a water damage. Therefore, if your house happens to have water damage, dry it as quickly and thorough as possible. Keep the rooms to have the proper flow of air by opening the window and turning on the fan. For some little spot like the couch or the crack in the ceramic, using hairdryer is also a good technique to absorb all moisture and dry the damp area.

Do this site even if the mold already appears in the house. This is to further prevent the growing of mold. After the room gets proper ventilation, the process of removing black mold will be easier. Remember to not use wet cloth only to clean dirty areas. Use the wet cloth to get rid of the dirt and immediately dry it with the dry cloth. With this, the area will not be damp.

2. Use Disinfectant and Warm Water to Remove Black Mold

The next step is to begin cleaning the mold. Put out big furniture and rugs outside to let the sun dries them out. Putting them outside will make cleaning easier and that furniture and rug will also get cleaned from the black mold using the sun heat. Mop the floor and clean all the parts in the house. After that, let them dry. If they had dried enough.

After that, mix disinfectant with warm water and mop the places again. Disinfectant is effective to kill the mold and warm water will help strengthen the disinfectant effect. Let them dry out again. Make sure to check that they are dry before mopping them again. It may have to be done for several times for two to three days to completely get rid of the black mole.

Water Damage Black Mold Solution: Steps on How To Remove It

3. Use Alcohol and Disinfectant for The Furniture

If drying them out doesn't affect the black mold that much, deeper cleaning is needed. First, prepare denatured alcohol and disinfectant. Also, prepare sprayer if needed for easier cleaning. Spray or apply denatured alcohol to the surface of the furniture like cupboard, table, and etcetera. Apply them carefully and then let them dry out.

Denatured alcohol will not damage the surface of the furniture and it is known to be an effective way to root out the mold and help to make cleaning easier. After it gets dry, use the disinfectant to further clean out the black molds. If you rub the furniture, make sure not to rub it too hard to avoid damage.

4. Wash Washable Items with Hot Water

After cleaning the floor and the furniture, the next step is to clean the washable stuff such as upholstery and other fabric items. To get rid of the black mold, wash them using water with the hottest temperature possible that is still safe for the fabric (each fabric has different maximum hot resistance, check the label or search it on the internet) hot water will help to kill the black mold. Wash the fabric outside the house for the mold may be flying around. Brush the fabric with the soft brush to further deep clean the fabric. After done with the washing, let them dry by the sun.

That are some ways to clean out water damage black mold from the house. Black mold can be very dangerous, therefore clean it as soon as the sign of black mold appearing in the house to stop it from producing toxic and harming health.