Types of Water Manifolds for Injection Molds

Water manifold is the tool for cooling and speeding the cycle, commonly for plastic, that provides water for cooling process. This tool may get overlooked as it is seems like it is not needed by everyone. However, water manifolds for injection molds is still an important tool.

The main function of this tool is to provide cool water by routing it from the chiller and collect the warmer water back to it. This is a common tool for plumbing. In the past, the water manifold usually is a manual and homemade built. However, this type of manifold is risky of leaking and harder to build, that's why manufactured manifold is now more popular. There  are some types of manifold for mold injection with each respective benefits. To know more about the type, here is the description of each type.

Types of Water Manifolds for Injection Molds

1. Stainless Steel Water Manifold

As its name suggests, this type of water manifold is build from stainless steel. The stainless steel water manifold usually comes in configurable form due to its solid yet light material. The main benefit of stainless steel water manifold is its durability to weather. The stainless steel material is more resistant from constant pressure of water. The configurable version is also easy to modify. The flexibility makes it easier to use it both for fixed and moving water molds. The design of stainless steel water manifold usually comes in thin and compact form. This design is very suitable for simple room and medical room. If wishes to use lighter and compact water manifold, stainless steel manifold can be the choice.

2. Aluminum Water Manifold

The aluminum water manifold is made from aluminum. Similar to the stainless steel one, the aluminum water manifold is light in weight. It is also more flexible, allowing it to be placed in the narrowest place possible. Aluminum water manifold is the more common water manifold for factory. Its flexibility is the main plus point of aluminum water manifold. It can be easily modified and is easy to install. If there is a leak, a part of different aluminum water manifold can be installed to change the old one. Aluminum water manifold also comes in different and smaller injection port, making it easier and more flexible to attach it in smaller pipe. A plumbing that needs intricate pipe design can use this water manifold to inject to the mold.

3. Bronze Water Manifold

Bronze water manifold is not as well-known as the other two manifolds above. This type of water manifold is made from bronze material, obvious with its bronze color. Bronze manifold is usually comes in a more traditional form of manifold with less flezi compared to stainless steel and aluminum water manifold. The plus point of bronze water manifold is its sturdiness. Bronze manifold is heavier and sometimes bulkier in weight and size. It creates solid and durable manifold for mold injection. The color of bronze is also more aesthetically pleasing, though the other two also comes in different color and modification, the classy bronze color stand out. Bronze water manifold is also a bit more expensive depend on the thickness and intricacy of the mold injection connector.

4. Configurable Water Manifold

It has been stated in stainless water manifold that there is a configurable water manifold. However, it is not exclusive for stainless steel material alone it can come with different material. Configurable water manifold is convenient for mold injection in plastic material. Configurable water manifold can also come with different molding. Sometimes it is sold in one package, sometimes sold separately to help the customer choose one that suits their plumbing system. Configurable water manifold may come at the expensive price especially if it has many water injector to connect with. Before deciding to install one, match the manifold with the one needed in the plumbing system to minimize the cost.

Water manifold is very beneficial and for some instances plumbing system, is an important tool. It is better to consult expert or plumber to decide which water manifold suits best for the one owned. It is to avoid misplacing and water leaks if the one chosen is not compatible. After deciding which water manifolds for injection molds will be used. Hire an experienced plumber or person expert in it to install it better. If deciding to install it on your own, read the guide carefully.