Preventing Mold Due To Water Damage

Raining season or snow melting period can be a moment where you should put more attention to your house. Why? Although not always happened, but roof leaking often happens during those times. Without a proper prevention, you should be more aware that mold due to water damage on your ceiling can grow and ruin your house structure.

Why It’s Important to Prevent Mold?

You should know that mold can cause numerous health problems. In most cases, household mold causes respiratory difficulties including asthma and pneumonia. In other cases, the home owner also experiences the symptoms of depression, rashes, inflammation, pain in the joint, even digestive problems. Not only cause health problems to human, mold also eat away house structures which can cause a big problem later. For this reason, it’s why preventing mold as earlier as you can rather than spending your money for home preparation or treatment cost.

Finding the Leaking Sources Earlier

Doing an early detection of leaking sources on your roof is important before the situation is getting pretty bad like room flooding and mold growing. However, it may be quite difficult to find it early because the leak is usually unnoticeable until the damage turns pretty bad. Therefore, you should do the regular check on your ceiling areas to investigate whether any signs of a leak can be noticed earlier. Here are some signs of roof leaking to help you prevent the worse damages in the future:

  1. Looking on the ceiling if you notice any discolored spots. Usually, if your ceiling is in white, you can find the spots or brown marks more easily. In some parts like the chimney, look if there are some water stains or growing mold and mildew.
  2. Due to water leaking, it will peel your wall paint or turn wooden materials become rotten, particularly around skylights.
  3. When there is a sign of mold growth due to roof leaking, you can smell a musty smell, particularly from your attic.
  4. For worst leaking like dislodged roof tiles due to storm wind blows, you should able to find the bots of debris in your yard.
  5. In severe cases of leaking, you can notice it from the water dripping especially during a heavy rain or snow melting. When you can catch the problem earlier, you can prevent before the damage becomes more significant. 

Preventing Mold Due To Water Damage

Ways to Prevent Mold

There are several ways you can do to prevent the growth of mold due to water damage. However, the key point of mold prevention is keeping the moisture in your home under control below 55%. Furthermore, you can follow the following instructions:

1.    Installing Hygrometer

A hygrometer is a device to measure the relative humidity or moisture level in the air. Home with high relative humidity above 50% become the best location for mold to grow. Although hygrometer doesn’t stop the mold growing directly in your home, it helps you to give an early warning system. After installing hygrometer, it will monitor the relative humidity in the air. So, if it’s too high, you can keep it under control by reducing the amount of moisture to the mold difficult to grow.

2.    Installing Dehumidifier

You can use a device to control the humidity level in your home, dehumidifier. By installing this device, you can easily reduce the amount of moisture by drawing it out of the air. When you go to home goods stores, you can find various types of a dehumidifier. For helping you choosing the best device, you can consider some factors before purchasing. First, check the size of capability on how much it can remove the air in one day. Then, you can choose the dehumidifier with automatic shut off control. It’s very helping when you forget to empty the water bucket then drain it continuously. Last yet important, make sure the cost of dehumidifier is met its capabilities and your budget.

3.    Applying Mold Resistance Paint

When mold grows on the surface, it will discolor then eat away the materials if you leave it unchecked. Not only structural damages, mold also causes various health problems for the human. Mold resistance paint will help you to stop the mold from growing on the surface. Particularly, you should paint in the significant areas which highly humid such as bathroom, kitchen, and basement.
Additionally, you can also install air cleaner to remove mold spores from the air to avoid inhaled by the human. Or for preventing severe water leak, you can install water leak sensor in the places which usually damp such as roofs, bathrooms, sinks, tubs, and others areas.