How to Prevent Mold after Water Damage?

Flooding, roof or plumbing leaks, overflows from sinks or bathtub, and others water damage inside your home most likely become spots for mold growth. It might take some times, about one week, after water damage for the mold to be discovered. Therefore, you should prevent before the mold spread into greater areas. Here is the steps you should follow to learn on how to prevent mold after water damage.

How Fast Mold Grows after Water Damage

According to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mold will start to grow from 24 to 48 hours once any area of your house is exposure by water damage. Because the favorite spot for mold growth is damp areas, dim lighting, and high level of humidity like basement, bathrooms, or any part of house exposure by water damage. Once mold patch to damp surface, they start reproduce faster by spores. The spores can travel through the air then attached to other surfaces. When you have discovered the mold visually, it means that they have reproduced in colonize by only in 1-12 days.

How to Prevent Mold after Water Damage?

Steps to Do after Water Damage

Even only an inch of water flooring or leaking, it still becomes a perfect spot for mold growth. They not only eat away the damp surface like walls, carpets, or furniture, but also lead into poor indoor air quality. Therefore, there are lots of cases where homeowners who experience mold growth in their home also suffer for respiratory problems like asthma and other severe illness. So, before you calling your home insurance company, here are some few tips to deal with your water damaged home:

1.    Disconnect or unplug the power immediately

Any electronics, furniture, or other movable item which connected with electricity should be disconnected immediately as soon as you found the water damage. Not only saving the items, but you will able to avoid getting into shock unintendedly. First, disconnect the main power leading into the damage area. Then, move all electrical items and other movable furniture from the area so you can clean it easier.  You can also save your carpets, rugs, or underpadding which might able to save after cleaned and disinfected.

2.    Get Rid Any Standing Water from the Areas

You can use traditional or manual way to get rid of the water from flooding or leaking by using mops, towels, and buckets to soak up the water. Make sure to drain the water flume or drainage ditch or other permeable surface like your lawn, so the water won’t floods your home again. The other way is using a wet or dry vacuum. However, you should be careful to plug in the cord into outlets. Ensure to short out the cord so it won’t touch the standing water. Last, you can also choose to use sump pump which you can rent or purchase on hardware stores. Getting rid any standing water from the room then drying it out is very important in order to prevent mold growth after water damage.

3.    Dry Out the Affected Area

After you are clearing up the areas from water, then you should dry it out completely. Use a dehumidifier or fans to help dry out the moisture from the room. Let the air circulation to flow inside and outside your home well by opening the windows. Unfortunately, if the affected areas are basement and drywall, they can’t be saved so you might need to cut away the water-touched areas.

4.    Disinfect the Bacteria and Fungi

Once all the areas have been dried out from waters, spray thoroughly the areas with good disinfectant to get rid any bacteria and fungi that might grow up through toilets or sewers. Disinfect all the areas including wood, walls, non-upholstered furniture that touched by water. Furthermore, you can also coat the affected areas with concrobium, a non-toxic product made from distilled water and inorganic salt which create a thin layer over mold growth and crush the spores. It’s a good idea to prevent mold growth after water damage touch your areas like walls, flooring, furniture, or other susceptible things from mold.

By followingstep by step on how to prevent mold after water damage, you can save more money which you might spend up for home reparation or health treatment in the future due to mold damage. So, take an action as soon as you discover water leaks especially mold growth!