Everything about Water Stain on Drywall You Should Know

Water stain on drywall is usually a very common problem that happened to everyone’s house. Of course, the water stain can be a very big problem since it can make the drywall looks ugly. Sometimes, the water stain not only damaged the paint color, but also left the mark that make the drywall have a bad look. Actually, there are some causes that can make the water stain point out in your drywall. There are also some steps of problem solving that you have to know when you want to remove the water stain on your drywall. Are you curious about it? If you think that you are curious about it, here is the information for you.

Everything about Water Stain on Drywall You Should Know

The Causes of Water Stain on Your Drywall
Actually, there are some causes that can make it happen. Here is the list of the causes that you have to know.

  • The rain water from your roof can be the first cause of the water stain in the drywall. Of course, it happened when the roof is no longer in a good condition, so that the rain water cannot be protected by the roof. In this case, you have to make sure that you look for the problem in the roof. It will help you to prevent the rain water to pour in your house again.
  • The water system leak is another problem that you might find. Of course, you have to know when you have water system behind your wall or ceiling. Sometimes, it also can be leaked, so that you have to remember the route of your water system to make you easy in repairing your water system when it gets some problems.
  • Both of the two causes can make your drywall get the water stains. The water stains on your drywall will decrease the aesthetic of your ceiling. It means that you have to remove it, so that the aesthetic of your drywall will be back. Then, there are some steps that you have to do to remove the water stain on your drywall. What are the steps? Here is the information for you.
  • You have to mix the chlorine bleach and water. Then, you need to put on your rubber gloves first before you do everything. Then, apply it to the place where you find the stain. The bleach usually can remove the stain on your drywall.
  • After you apply the bleach on it, you have to let the drywall to dry. Wait until some minutes until it dries. Then, the next step that you will do is you have to brush the primer on the area that you want to repair. Make sure that the covered area is larger than the stain.
  • Then, you have to paint the area when you find that the primer already dries. Do not forget to choose the same color with your ceiling color. Make the color of your entire ceiling to be the same again.

After knowing about those steps, you also have to know about what things that you will need in the process. In your process to repair the ceiling, you will need some important things such as the chlorine bleach, bucker, sponge, rubber gloves, paint, detergent, stepladder, and also stain-blocking primer. Each of the stuff will give you different function, so it would be better if you prepare it first before you do the repair. When you already prepare all those things, repairing will be something that very easy for you since you only need to do the steps that already being told.

For the conclusion, you have to know that there are some causes of water stains on your drywall. First, it can be because of water from the roof. Then, it also can be because of water from the water system or water pipe in your house. To remove it, you also have to do several important steps that already explained above. You also will need some equipment that you have to prepare first before you start your work. When you already prepare it first, it will be easier for you to work. Therefore, what do you thing about the steps of removing the water stain on drywall?