8 Creative Ways for Covering Damaged Drywall

Drywall is gypsum wallboard which used to cover ceilings and interior walls of most homes. Over the time, the surface of drywall will slowly get holes, dents, or cracks. And when this happens, you should repair it before you can apply a fresh coat of paint for covering damaged drywall. If you are really lazy to prepare some basic hand tools, materials, to cover it, fortunately, there are 7 creative ways to cover damaged drywall.

How to Cover Damaged Drywall in Creative Ways

1. Picture collage. 

A picture collage is an easy yet creative way to cover the damage from drywall. If the drywall is just plain ugly or has a weird texture, you just need something to distract your eyes so you don’t have to look at it. There is a great way to cover it by hanging picture collage because it can cover some or huge space. And if there are unwanted holes on the drywall, you can choose where you can place your picture. This is also a good tactic because sometimes space which damaged is too big for pictures to cover it. Moreover, one big picture can cost very expensive. With picture collage, it can cover the damage and it is pretty cheap. Smaller pictures also cost cheap so you can use it to cover your damaged drywall.

2. Curtains

Sometimes the worst damage on drywall can be above windows. The solution of this problem is just put up your own curtains. You have to know that there are some different ways to hang them in order to make sure that the curtains can cover the damage properly. To add height to your room and cover up of the wall more, you can hang the curtain higher than the actual window. You can also hang it in between to windows if you have some windows next to each other to cover up the damaged drywall.

8 Creative Ways for Covering Damaged Drywall

3. Mirror

Beside picture collage, the mirror is a great way to cover the damage. It can also make your small room become much bigger than they actually are. Similar with a picture collage, you can get a mirror in some different sizes to cover up damaged walls. Choose a mirror that fit the needs of your drywall. You can also use it to make then in a collage wall. In order to cover up the damage and ugly spot on your drywall, so have to be creative in using your mirror. You can use a full length mirror by placing it horizontally instead of vertically when you need a mirror that can cover the wide area.

4. Tapestry

Compared to other stuff, tapestry may seem the most old fashioned between all of them. But tapestry is the great way to cover the damaged drywall because you can find them in different lengths and widths. A modern tapestry is easy to find so you don’t need to worry that your room will become an 18th-century room with tapestry. By using tapestry, not only it can cover the damage but also it can add texture to your room. Tapestry can also create a friendlier and warmer feel to your lovely room. Although it may seem troublesome to find it but tapestry is a worthy investment that you can have in your house. It is also a great way to fix the ugliness of your drywall.

5. Drywall Mud

Drywall mud is a trick to cover the damage that takes a little trial and error. Nevertheless, it is a good truck to replacing paneling completely or drywall. Before use drywall mud, you have to look up some videos online to stylize drywall mud in different ways. This is the best thing that you can do in order to create the textured look for your drywall. Paste the mud on the drywall and let it dry. After than paint over it. It’s quite simple, right? Drywall mud can create some nice texture in your boring room. It is also a creative solution to an unwanted wall.

6. Brick or tile

Brick or tile can give a unique and nice look to your home. This way needs a little effort and skill but it will be worth it. Follow the directions from the video online to get the best result for covering damaged drywall.